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Disclaimer – boring but, necessary

The views expressed in the posts and comments on the Page4Page blog do not necessarily reflect Page4Page views or opinions.  All the Members are encouraged to leave comments.  While all the points of view are welcome, only comments that are courteous and on-topic will be posted. 

All comments will be reviewed within the strict guidelines so stated.  Although this site is a ‘G’ rated site, membership of people under the age of 18 will not be permitted and will be deleted.   Spam and comments endorsing commercial products or service other than products on Page4Page will not be posted.  There will be no notification.   If there is a question concerning a product, it is your responsibility to inquire and research the product as to the appropriateness of use in advance of payment.  Although Page4Page makes every attempt to post only products that are high quality, we cannot guarantee the product or service.  That is between you and the company you purchased the product or service from.

Participants on  Page4Page  are fully responsible for everything that they submit in their comments.  Be aware, all posted comments are in the public domain.  The comments and photos may be picked up by search engines.  it is your responsibility to request a free default watermark offered by Page4Page.

Any email addresses, names or contact information received through this Page4Page will not be shared or sold to anyone unless required by law enforcement investigation.

Page4Page contains external links to other sites.  Page4Page does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information off the Page4Page website.  Links to particular items in hypertext are not intended as endorsements of any view expressed, products or services offered on outside sites, or the organizations sponsoring those sites.  Page4Page reserves the right to delete any and all posts in part or complete at our sole discretion.

There may be occasional changes or additions to this disclaimer.  it is the members responsibility to periodically check back and review for changes.

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